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Welcome to my new website - this is intended to be a portal to great content all over the web, including some great free-to-play games and a number of shops I can personally recommend


This is the section to check out for reviews and details of some great games and some not so great. Read why I like or dislike different games and let me know if you agree


As part of my job, I have to spend thousands of pounds every month buying things on the web. Every shop on this page is carefully vetted and I've added notes to explain my experiences. If you want a safe buy, this is the place to buy from.

About me

All about me and the things I do - deadly boring to most people I expect, but if you need to contact me this is where to look


Lots of other cool websites - mostly made by other people :-)


If you haven't seen it yet, check out SpaceQuest - a free online game I'm writing...

latest news

New pages up and running: Home
Welcome to this new website - this is the first day it's live and things are going well so far - please let me know if you spot any problems by email

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